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I am a mental health trauma expert

I'm Chima

With a passion for emotional wholeness and healing. Through the theraputic process, I teach teen girls and millennials how to reconstruct a positive sense of self, regain safety, reconnect to build intimacy in relationship with themselves and others. 

I love helping minority foster care teens heal emotional wounds from their past. Through my personal testimony of teen trauma and inspiring life story, I believe that together we can heal the past and shape the future. 

For a preview of my experience, I have extensive history of working with adolescents and their families as an intensive family therapist providing in-home therapy. I have worked in outpatient and inpatient psychiatric hospital's serving teens and their families. For several years, I worked as a clinical director in a juvenile detention center and have worked as a consultant and therapist at an all-girls therapeutic group home. Currently, along with private practice, I served as a comprehensive behavioral assessor providing assessments with recommendations and intervention for the courts and providers for kids who has been taken out of their homes due to abuse or neglect. 

Kabodcounseling, Helping teens heal is on a mission to provide therapeutic services to minority foster care teens in order to heal emotional and behavioral issues that are often related to childhood neglect, abuse and trauma. We believe this will enable them to fulfill their educational and career goals while being self-sufficient and productive members of society.


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I empower teen girls and milennials

struggling with trauma

I am all about providing a safe space for young girls and women to embrace their true authentic self, voice, and identity. I help teen girls navigate their past to create a brighter future. 

It is brings me complete joy seeing people thrive from attachment, childhood and relational trauma. Growing up in foster care, being placed in several different psychiatric groups homes and residential facilities, along with growing up in a family environment that was volatile, has birthed a passion in me for psychology and neuroscience. 

My goal is to provide education, to show people how to have healthy relationships with themselves and others. Also, to bring to light, decode and provide language to what many are experiencing. 

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things I live By

Accepting myself for who I am and not for what others want me to be.

I am proud of myself even when I make mistakes. My mistakes do NOT define me.

I am the blueprint of change. I already have everything I need within to be successful.

I love myself even the parts of me that I am not proud of. Self-love is  the best love.

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