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I am a mental health expert that help's minority foster care teens heal emotional wounds from their past.

Through my personal testimony of teen trauma and inspiring life story, I believe that together we can heal the past and shape a bright  future.


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Mental health

expert for young girls

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I have been in youR shoes

I have been in your shoes. Whether you are a parent of a teen struggling or a teen yourself. I understand what it feels like you don’t have a voice. I give my clients the space, resources and strategies they need to move from being misunderstood  to CONFIDENT in their identity.

To successfully voice their concerns and create healthy boundaries. By helping them understand what they are feeling and providing them with the tools they need in order to navigate the challenges and pressures of being a teen. Therapy can help teens not only feel better, but actually thrive!

My clients never leave the same. They leave treatment more confident and with tools to live unashamedly themselves. 



You are ready to be free mentally and emotionally.
We provide a space that...

Doesn’t tell you how you should act, think or feel.

Encourages you to say EXACTLY how you feel.

Listen to you without the influence of your parents.

Unpack your emotions in an unrestricted way. 

Give you an opportunity to unleash your inner thought without feeling judged.

Welcomes you into therapy without judgment. 

Empowers you to live boldly your authentic selves. 

Creates a safe space for you to express your emotions unhindered. 


 I am ready to help you get to a place where you

are healed and heard. 

As a teenager, you have to navigate through some of life’s toughest challenges. You’re having to deal with an increasing amount of pressure, expectations and responsibilities.

You may be struggling with relationships and friendships, or you might be feeling anxious or depressed. You might also be dealing with stress at home or in school. You might be feeling confused about your identity, or feel like you don’t fit in anywhere.

But whatever struggles you’re facing, we want to help. I can support you through some of the toughest times of your life. And I won’t judge you – I just want to listen and help you find solutions so that you can move forward in life and make it a positive experience for you.

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being a teen in these days is not an easy task, it is tough.

With the pressures of being a teen, comparison, trying to find the essence of who they are and to boldly live their authentic selves, is challenging. You look at your teen girl and wonder what happened to your sweet, happy girl? Your parents' radar is telling you something is not right. 

Your radar is correct, there are so many changes happening too fast. Adolescence is a stage of life that brings with it a lot of change, physically, socially, and emotionally. Whether your teen is entering adolescence (ages 9-14), in the middle of adolescence (ages 15-17), or at the end of adolescence (ages 18-21), you will find that each stage brings its challenges. 

Your teen doesn’t have to keep suffering…
Counseling can help your teen stop hating themselves and start feeling better about life and have the support they need to boldly be her authentic self. 


Kabod Counseling have been a blessing to me and my daughter. My daughter love the staff of Kabod Counseling. Kabod Counseling staff are very professional, loving, caring. They have given her the tools she need to dealing with life, the emotional pressure life brings as a kid.I will recommend Kabod Counseling to family and friends.


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