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Consultation & Clinical Supervision

Kabod Counseling, Helping Teens Heal Services offers training to

teachers, staff, churches, and organizations on various topics unique to your agency’s need. These trainings are designed to aid your staff/personnel in understanding and building rapport with the population served.

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Dynamic Speaking

We are a a leading provider of trauma infused professional development trainings that combine the latest ideas and theories about clinical practice with hands-on skills building activities.

We specialize in the following topics:

Culturally Sensitive Trauma Informed Trainings.

Complex Trauma in the African American Community.

Complex trauma in teens in the foster care system. 

How we can partner together?

We partner with professionals and organizations to provide specialized knowledge to problems involving human behavior. We provide the following types of consultations: generic, client-centered, consultee-centered and behavioral.

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Chima partners with organizations to develop and facilitate workshops and trainings related to mental health areas. Mrs. Lubin can discuss a range of topics including mental health, racial trauma, and provider burnout. She has experience speaking at schools, women empowerment events, and for employers.

Chima’s past workshops and trainings has focused on being trauma-informed, vicarious trauma, parenting and complex trauma in foster care children. Chima has also provided trauma informed trainings to juvenile detention centers and therapeutic group homes for girls in foster care.

If you have an area of interest that you would like Chima to speak on, please feel free to contact her for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and how she can be of assistance.



The supervision experience is as unique as the person seeking it. I  provide clinical supervision to registered mental health therapists and registered marriage and family therapists who are looking to receive full licensure in the state of FL and NY.

Supervision is an opportunity to explore your professional identity as a marriage and family therapist or mental health counselor, improve your skills, and develop the foundation for your career.

The supervision process starts with an interview so we can make sure the supervision experience will benefit you. We will work together to establish trust and rapport, build your confidence as a marriage and family therapist or as a mental health therapist, and explore areas with countertransference.



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